Hi! I’m Danielle.

Money is a difficult topic to bring up with friends or family, especially when we feel embarrassed or ashamed of our financial situation. It’s hard to open up and be vulnerable to someone close to us when we are struggling with our finances.

If this is you, I am so happy to meet you.

My name is Danielle, and I am here to help.

Having experienced some serious financial struggles in the past myself, I made it my mission to help others to not suffer in silence any longer. I am now a trained professional and a neutral and knowledgeable financial coach. I can look at your financial situation objectively, and without judgement, and discuss with you how to improve your day to day money management skills and reach your financial goals, regardless of what financial situation you are in currently.

One-On-One Financial Coaching will eliminate the stress and worry you have around your financial situation. Whether it’s paying off student loans or credit card debt, or figure out how to stop living paycheck to pay and start working towards future goals, coaching will provide you with customized strategies to improve how you think and feel about your finances.

I’m here to listen. I’m here to help. Call to book a free session with me.

Mildly relevant facts about me:

  • I love all music (ok, maybe not everything, but I have a very eclectic Spotify play list)
  • My first Hollywood crush was Bruce Greenwood (Canadian, no less). I used to visualize meeting him. And then I did!
  • I’m from Newfoundland, Canada, and I hate all seafood (this is not normal, apparently, when you live on an island with fishing as its main industry)
  • I love the water, in fact, feel like I need to at least see it on a daily basis
  • I love to laugh and make people laugh. I am usually the host of party games (which sucks sometimes because I never get to play)
  • I love to sing. Others don’t love listening to me sing
  • I hate to exercise
  • My favourite city is Halifax, Nova Scotia. I have the best memories and want to visit much more than I do in the future.
  • Travelling is my # 1 favourite thing to do. I love to meet new people and experience new cultures as well as perching on a beach and soaking in the views
  • The love of my life was my pup, Cooper. He crossed the rainbow bridge after almost 15 years with me in November of 2019. Miss him every day. The love of an animal is the most amazing gift.
  • I enjoy being alone, but my favourite is spending time with friends and family as often as possible!

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