It’s Time To Take Control Of Your Money. Get Out Of Debt And Stay Out For Good!

Get clear on what you owe so you can pick the best strategy to eliminate your debt as quickly as possible and pay the least amount of interest.

The best way to get out of debt is to focus on ONE AT A TIME while paying the minimum amounts (or just a little more) on the rest. Many people try to put as much as they can on all their outstanding debt, but by putting more towards one, and less on the rest, then you will eliminate one at a time. When you eliminate one, take that payment, and add it to the minimum payment of the next one, and so on until all debt is eliminated. This makes it much easier to see how much in total you need to put towards your debt each month, which makes your debt payment a fixed and consistent monthly expense.

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Step 1: Enter Your Debts

  • Enter the name of the company/individual you owe money to - Example - TD Visa, Capital One Mastercard, Royal Bank Line of Credit, Mom and Dad, etc.
  • Enter the interest rate. This is important! If you don't know, then find out!
  • Enter the minimum amount you need to pay. Even if you normally pay more than the minimum, only put in what the minimum amount that the company's are requiring you to pay.
  • For credit cards, the statements will tell you what the minimum amount you need to pay to stay in good standing.
  • Repeat for each debt by clicking the "Add Debt" button. Once all debt amounts are entered, click "That's It!"
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