At The Corcoran Coaching Group,

It’s our goal to provide your business,

with employee financial wellness programs.

Designed to meet their business goals while providing outstanding client service. Our approach to working with our clients is rooted in a “partnership from the start’ philosophy. Achieving financial greatness takes work, it takes commitment and takes time. The commitment comes from those who are ready to do things differently when it comes to their financial life, and want a better financial future.

With the addition of one on one sessions, this program becomes an individualized program, so while these sessions are engaging, interactive, and fun, it provides the tools and strategies to help employees make specific healthy financial decisions for themselves and their families.

Since financial coaching is like hiring a personal trainer, one session will not provide the results to make lasting change as it takes consistency to build and change habits to create a good financial future, just as it does to get into better physical shape. This is why it is offered as a program, and not one class. Once the program is complete, there will be a Certificate of Completion.

Common results with a Financial Wellness Program

Improved financial wellness for employees

in key areas such as implementing our signature abundance plan (Budget), increased savings, reduced stress, better focus on saving for retirement, implemented strategies

Reduced absenteeism

Recent studies suggest that improved financial wellness can reduce turnover and increase attendance and on the job performance, enhanced engagement, leading to increased productivity, company profitability, and loyalty.

Strengthened Trust

Long term financial wellness programs not only provide accountability and continuity to employees, but they also create trust. This allows your employee to feel comfortable and held accountable to make changes in their personal finances.

Financially beneficial

An anonymous survey during the first class will collect information on satisfaction levels with current financial situation, how much consumer debt are they carrying, how much savings, etc. A debrief session with the company once information is analyzed (before the 2 nd session) and then the survey to be filled out again after the duration of the program. Results will be then compared to original to show each participants’ progression with a final debriefing session within 2 weeks of the last session.

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