Is there room for improvement around your relationship and finances?

Chances are the answer is a resounding YES!!

Communicating with our loved ones isn’t always easy, especially when it comes to money. When 50% or more of divorces are caused due to financial issues, it is obviously a sign that we need to prioritize financial discussions with our spouses. So why do so many couples avoid this conversation before they get married? Or avoid it in marriage?

“Determine your individual values and vision for the future”

Danielle CorcoranMoney Coach

Money is very emotional,

Money is very emotional, and when it’s not a comfortable subject as children, then it won’t be as adults unless we make it comfortable. But how do we do that? How do we change our negative money beliefs and behaviours?

If you want to succeed with your finances as a couple, then working together with positive mindset and outlook is key. You are now a team, and teams need to work together to develop strategies to win the financial game. I want you to win with your finances as a team, as a family.

You are a team. You are working together to reach the same outcome. A happy and healthy future together.

What does your future look like? Do you know what each other’s goals are? Do you want the same things or are they different? How are you working towards reaching them? How are you behaving today with money? What are your beliefs? What events as a child impacted today’s belief system?

In This 4 Month Program

We will explore past money memories, current habits, communication styles, and financial management strategies to achieve a cohesive plan of action for now, with a plan for the future. By addressing them now, you will not only benefit over time for lasting financial success, but you will beat the odds in not letting financial issues cause the end of your

Each month, sessions will cover both tools for money management, and reinforce positive money mindset habits. We will ensure continued success by showing you how to adjust your plan due to, well life happens, right?


With a team mentality, you will have developed a plan on spending smart, saving and communicating effectively to feel you are winning the financial success game that will give you the life you dream about, while teaching positive money habits to your kids. You will feel less stress, more optimistic, and excited about your financial future, and feel happy with the life you are creating for you and your family.

Topics Covered

Dive deep into each other’s past money experiences growing up
Determine your individual values and vision for the future
Create Family Financial Principles – You Money Decision Guidelines
Develop an accelerated Debt Escape Plan giving you a debt freedom date.
Developing a personalized Family Financial Success Plan where having fun is included!
Planning for major life changes – Buying a house, changing jobs, having children, etc.
Maximize savings and investments, while having a mindful spending plan, ensuring spending is placed towards life goals and values.
Creating a positive mindset and communication strategy that you can look forward to discussing money as a family.
Allowances for kids – strategies to teach kids about money as early as 3 years old, and for planning for post high school education
Lessening stress around finances with tools to make money management easy and automatic

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